How To Change Age On Discord Without Verification

January 18, 2022 By Vaseline 0

How To Change Age On Discord Without Verification. How to change your age on discord without verification on phone Log in to your donotpay account using your web browser.

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Steps to change your age on discord without id: Now, you can use your new discord account. Click on view my text message once you request a verification code on the platform.

How Do I Change Sharing Permissions?

To change the age on discord with an id: Write your complete discord tag on a piece of paper. Now open a new discord account.

How Do I Age Restrict A Discord Server?

To verify my age, i need to have a photo id and submit it to discord to have my account restored. To change your age, you’ll have to raise a request with the discord support team and provide proof of age. How to change your age on discord without verification on phone

Webtrickz#3361) Hold Both The Photo Id And Discord Username In Your Hand.

In the server settings under the verification tab make an option for account age kicking. To verify, you would send an email to discord staff containing your user id, and your proof of age. Arrange a valid photo id proof of yourself that includes your date of birth.

By Creating A New Discord Account, You Can Set Your Date Of Birth To 18 Or Above.

If you don’t supply all of the given pieces of information, discord may not update your age. 24/7 latest trending news updates. Select “trust & safety” (under what can we help you with?), enter the email address linked to your discord account, “appeals, age update, other questions” (under how can we help?), “update my age information” (under appeals, age update, or other questions).

After That, Submit Your Request And Wait For Discord To Update Your Age.

If you input the wrong date of birth when you first created your account, but don’t have a photo id to verify your age, the only way you can bypass the verification process is by creating a new account. Vist discord’s support site by clicking here and clicking on submit a request discord support website fill out the form by selecting “trust and safety“> “write your discord account email“>”appeals, age update, other questions” > “update my age information” filling out the request forum write your date of birth, and under subject write “i would like to change age”. To change your age on discord without an id, you need to create a new discord account.