How To Change Reddit Username On Iphone

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How To Change Reddit Username On Iphone. How to hyperlink on reddit via the reddit mobile app. Go to the me tab on the bottom right.

How to Change Reddit Username (Fast and Easy) Gotechtor from

Launch the reddit app and sign in to your account whose username you want to change. From here, tap on the avatar inside the app located at the top left corner. Learn how to change your username if you’ve signed up with your google account or apple id.

Reddit Also Shows Suggestions Of Randomly Generated Available Names That A User Can Pick.

Add the new screen name. Then tap the my profile option. Go to settings > general > about > name.

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To do so, open the “settings” app on your iphone and tap “general.”. Reddit will now ask you to confirm. Maximum character limit is 250.

Next To User Flair Preview, Click The Edit Icon To Set Up Your

From here, tap on the avatar inside the app located at the top left corner. Once you create it and confirm, it cannot be changed later. A gear, two people, and an envelope.

How To Quote On Reddit In 3 Simple Steps.

Changing reddit username on iphone and android: Reddit asks you to confirm your randomly assigned username or change it to a new one. Now, tap the blue symbol in the upper right corner.

Change Iphone Name Using Mac.

Switched from android where you could do this easily, hoe do you do it with an iphone? I’ve had to do it once or twice. So, what makes reddit different from the other platforms that you have an account on is that there is no such thing as a profile of.