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How To Clean Windows Without Streaks Youtube. Dry the glass with a clean microfiber cloth while the surface is still damp. Shake the container vigorously to ensure that the cornstarch dissolves.

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Once the window is coated with cleaning solution, use the rubber squeegee to wipe the water away. After the window has been scrubbed with baking soda, use another cloth with warm water to wipe the baking soda away. Spray the entire surface of the window with a thin coating of solution.

Once The Window Is Coated With Cleaning Solution, Use The Rubber Squeegee To Wipe The Water Away.

Dip a sponge in your bucket and moisten your window with the solution. Rinse with clear water if streaks remain after cleaning. Even though it might take a lot of time to master how to use a squeegee, you will have streak free windows after the whole process.

Dry The Windows Using A Lint Free Microfiber Cloth ;

If you’re looking for the easiest way to clean windows without streaks, here are some practical solutions: Use newspapers before purchasing paper towel rolls. Microfiber cloth is known to clean windows without leaving behind streaks.

Mixing In Soap Doesn’t Solve The Problem, Either.

So, for those tiny few moments of having the utmost clarity of the glass, this is the fastest way i can clean the windows without streaks or chemicals… how to clean windows without streaks the supplies. Straight rubbing/isopropyl alcohol and clean white wash cloth no fabric softener on it (leaves streaks smears) & no paper towels they are treated with chemicals to increase absorbtion leaves streaks & smears;pour alcohol on cloth & wipe glass. Step 1, mix equal parts vinegar and water.

Sprinkle Baking Soda Onto A Damp Or Wet Microfiber Cloth And Use This To Gently Scrub Away Debris From The Glass Surface.

Using a soft paintbrush, loosen any cobwebs, dirt and grime around the edges and hard to reach areas, then use a hoover with a soft nozzle brush to hoover around the frames.'. It’s one of our top cleaning options. Many people prefer using paper towels but they end up disappointing since they leave behind streaks and lint.

Close And Shake The Spray Bottle To Mix The Perfect Mirror Cleaning Solution.[2] X Research Sourcestep 2, Make A Homemade Glass Cleaner.

Moisten window using your vinegar solution, then scrub with a sponge until clean. Shake the container vigorously to ensure that the cornstarch dissolves. On small interior windows, a squeegee might not work perfectly.