How To Get Rid Of Holi Colour From Hair

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How To Get Rid Of Holi Colour From Hair. In the morning, boil and strain it. Guys, do not forget to apply oil to your hair before you play holi.

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But before you do lather up your locks, try one of these hair care tips for holi to help remove all traces of colour and leave your hair moisturized. For longer hair, 1/2 tablespoon in one cup of water is a good ratio. Once you shampoo your hair, pour this concoction over and then rinse with plain water.

Apply Some Mustard Oil Or Castor Oil In Your Hair And Scalp, So That Colours Do Not Touch Your Hair Directly.

Leave for one hour so. Apply the mixture to the face and leave it for about half an hour. Combine both olive oil and yoghurt.

Once You Shampoo Your Hair, Pour This Concoction Over And Then Rinse With Plain Water.

“hair exposed to colour can become dull, dry and brittle due to the presence of synthetic dyes in the colours. For hair, you can apply it before shampooing your hair. Try deep conditioning your hair with a mixture of honey and olive oil.

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Now, this is also one of the most effective ways to ensure minimal harm to your lovely hair from the holi colors. To remove permanent holi colours from the skin, without being abrasive, try mustard oil. 1) hair up = less surface area to be stained.

But Before You Do Lather Up Your Locks, Try One Of These Hair Care Tips For Holi To Help Remove All Traces Of Colour And Leave Your Hair Moisturized.

Dust off the dry colors of your hair as water can make the colors spread out even more. Known for its skin lightening properties, olive oil makes a perfect choice for removing holi colour stains. So here are the precautions you should take before going out and playing with colours this holi.

I Put Coconut Oil In My Hair.

This will help you get rid of the holi colours. > post holi skin and hair care tips to help get rid of the colour post holi skin and hair care tips to help get rid of the colour by shikha kohli | updated on mar 15, 2017 10:11 am ist |. Here are a few easy and effective ways one can use to get rid of the holi colours without causing any damage to skin and hair: