How To Make A Leprechaun Trap Step By Step

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How To Make A Leprechaun Trap Step By Step. Place the trap in a location where a leprechaun could see it easily, preferably on a dresser or nightstand so that the leprechaun will think you are asleep and try to sneak in to steal your gold! Be aware that a leprechaun can leave a trail of gold and/or green glitter.

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Grab a shoe box, or a cereal box, or anything container you think might lure a leprechaun, and add a little irish magic and a few golden coins and wait and see if your leprechaun might leave some marks behind. Be aware that a leprechaun can leave a trail of gold and/or green glitter. Supplies can be as simple as an empty box (tissue boxes work really well since there is already a hole), some paper and decorating items like crayons, markers, stickers, etc.

If There Are Any Similarities Between The Traps, The Leprechaun Will Become Suspicious And Flee.

Cut out a hole in the lid of the shoebox for the leprechaun trap. This is a great point in the activity to talk about problem solving. I repeated the first and second steps to create the box lid and let the both pieces dry.

Firstly, Start By Turning Over The Shoe Box Then Cut A Small Circle Close To The Back Of The Box.

See pictures below for example. This will make the way for your leprechaun. Measure and cut your green paper for the body of the tissue box.

How Do You Make A Leprechaun Footprint?

No two traps should be alike or the leprechaun will get suspicious and leave. Color your trap green and decorate it with green items (stickers, glitter, etc) leprechauns like cocoa puff cereal! Cut the square out of your green paper.

Supplies Can Be As Simple As An Empty Box (Tissue Boxes Work Really Well Since There Is Already A Hole), Some Paper And Decorating Items Like Crayons, Markers, Stickers, Etc.

For this, you will need to cut a piece of constructions paper. The leprechauns have made themselves the appointed guardians of that ancient gold. Making the body of the leprechaun trap:

Craft A Ladder Out Of Natural Sticks Found Outside Or Popsicle Sticks.

The gold was said to be left behind by the danes that invaded england and ireland many centuries ago. Bound by courtesy and fairy law, the leprechaun must tell the truth. Wrap the shoebox in green paper or paint green.