How To Pronounce The Word Thought

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How To Pronounce The Word Thought. This is the same in french. [ˈθɔːt] ipa /thawt/ phonetic spelling x0.5 x0.75 x1

How to pronounce irregular verbs in English CAUGHT from

Hear the pronunciation of thought in american english, spoken by real native speakers. A developed intention or plan. [əp] and finally a word that is an alternate spelling, and as far as i know, this is the only case for this pronunciation of ough, and that is the word hiccough.

Most Native French Speakers, Upon Coming Across An English Word Or Place, Pronounce Them With A French Accent When Speaking French.

Bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation. How to pronounce the words 'to the' together. This is the same in french.

Pronunciation Of Thinking With 5 Audio Pronunciations, 23 Synonyms, 5 Meanings, 17 Sentences And More For Thinking.

This is the british english pronunciation of thought. View american english pronunciation of thought. /aʊ/ as found in words now, mouth, and out.

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Therefore, the correct way to pronounce “data” is the way most english speakers do. [noun] something that is thought: Have or formulate in the mind.

[Əp] And Finally A Word That Is An Alternate Spelling, And As Far As I Know, This Is The Only Case For This Pronunciation Of Ough, And That Is The Word Hiccough.

/ɔɪ/ can be found in words point, boy, and choice. Pronunciation of though with 14 audio pronunciations 244 ratings rating ratings 239 ratings rating ratings How to pronounce sound /aɪ/ correctly.

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Just remove the ‘t’ from thought and you have though. They should be said very fast. How to pronounce sound /aʊ/ right.